Our Guarantee

We provide a 30-day money back unconditional guarantee. Many companies offer a much longer guarantee but are charging you two to three times our price for your ring initially so it is easy for them to do so. We would rather give you a great price upfront. After 30 days we will replace your ring for any reason, whether your ring size has changed or the gold or black plating has began to show wear or any other type of damage, for $40, or $70 if it had diamonds or other gemstones. There will be an additional charge of $15 for engraving and $5 shipping. You may choose a different style if the ring is a similarly priced ring or pay the difference if it is an upgraded item (e.g., a ring without stones to one with diamonds). There are situations over which we have no control, such as styles being discontinued by the manufacturer. We will do our best to replace your ring with a similar style or you can feel free to choose a new one.

We look forward to working with you for years to come.